Coaching for Creative Freelancers


As a creative person, you already have the ability to try out new ideas and envision results.  However, it can be difficult to break through creative blocks like procrastination or perfectionism on your own.  


Do you feel stressed due to the feast or famine lifestyle of freelance work?  Are you tired of feeling stuck where you are? 


Are you ready to do something about it?

Here are a few results you can expect from our work together. 


  • stress management & work-life balance

  • strategic support for a career move

  • overcome creative blocks 

  • gain insight into the big picture of your career

  • have the support and accountability you need to make a change


Does this sound beneficial to you? 

I’ve taken my personal and professional experience and created a coaching program

to help  guide you on your creative path.  



You can develop a deeper understanding of your own motivation by having the accountability

and support you need. Even small shifts in your perspective can have a big impact and help

you move forward.    


“It was great to work with someone who understood the nature of my business on such a  personal level because her advice was always relevant and spot on.”

                                                                                             Jamie Z. (2018) Yelp Review

“I found Amy online and cannot speak highly enough about her.  She is highly intelligent, empathetic and funny and I liked her instantly...”

                                                                                                Dani S. (2019) Yelp Review