Coaching for

Creative Professionals

Powerful practices for career growth

and self liberation.


Amy Kessler


I started out in the film industry producing and editing human rights documentaries. Hearing people's stories changed me in profound ways and I realized that empathy and justice could be achieved through a process of listening deeply, sharing our stories and taking action.

Today, I coach creative professionals with the same perspective in mind.   

My clients and I work together to move through obstacles, so they can live

whole-hearted lives doing what they love.  


If you want to move forward in your career or creative practice, please reach out for a complimentary 30 minute consult.  

  • Find new purpose, direction, or clarity  in your professional life

  • Make a career move 

  • Gain insight into the big picture of your career

  • Learn how to network and navigate your industry

  • Set up a creative practice or healthy habits

  • Overcome creative blocks, build confidence and productivity

  • Have the support you need to make a change

  • Creative's Circle Group Coaching

  • Overcoming Perfectionism and Procrastination Workshop (Coming Soon)


I utilize MindBody therapy, a holistic, body-centered approach to healing, with life coaching in order to help you:


  • Manage stress

  • Address emotional well-being

  • Heal from old wounds

  • Build embodied self-awareness and compassion 

  • Develop personal and professional resilience

  • Feel grounded and empowered to make good choices

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