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AMY KESSLER Career Coach, MindBody Therapy Practitioner, Filmmaker


Amy Kessler


I started out in the film industry, producing and editing human rights documentaries. Hearing people's stories changed me in profound ways and I realized that empathy and justice could be achieved through a process of listening deeply, sharing our stories and taking action.

Today, I coach creative professionals with the same perspective in mind.   

My clients and I work together to move through obstacles, so they can live

more balanced lives doing what they love.  


If you're feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward in your career or creative practice, please reach out for a complimentary 30 minute consult.  

  • Find new purpose, direction, or clarity  in your professional life

  • Make a career move 

  • Gain insight into the big picture of your career

  • Learn how to network and navigate your industry

  • Set up a creative practice or healthy habits

  • Overcome creative blocks, build confidence and productivity

  • Have the support you need to make a change

  • Creative's Circle Group Coaching

  • Overcoming Perfectionism and Procrastination Workshop (Coming Soon)


I utilize MindBody therapy, a holistic, body-centered approach to healing, with life coaching in order to help you:


  • Manage stress

  • Address emotional well-being

  • Heal from old wounds

  • Build embodied self-awareness and compassion 

  • Develop personal and professional resilience

  • Feel grounded and empowered to make good choices

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