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"Amy provided countless resources and guidance to help me better understand myself, my professional, personal, and creative goals."

Amy was a pleasure to work with. She understands creative professionals and is empathetic to their needs. I felt that she wanted to listen and help me, understanding that the end goal isn't just a new professional pathway, rather, a renewed confidence and understanding of what I needed. 


Our sessions evolved a great deal over the course of several months, and Amy provided countless resources and guidance to help me better understand myself, my professional, personal, and creative goals moving forward. I highly recommend working with Amy to help find clarity and direction if you feel stuck in your professional life as a creative.

Nick (2023)

Artist, Designer & Entrepreneur


When I was searching for guidance, feeling burned out and lost in my career, I found Amy. From the initial consultation, she helped me so much more than I could have ever expected. Amy brings a kind, patient, and encouraging energy to every meeting. She truly helped me see my career in the bigger picture of my life, going beyond the nuts and bolts of a job search and diving into my core values as a person. She brought out my inner curiosity, helped me identify mental blocks surrounding my job, and clearly understand what I want to look for in a new career. 


Along the way, Amy went above and beyond, and carefully tailored the experience to my needs. She checked in to see how I was feeling about our progress, adjusted approaches and goals as our work evolved, and researched on her own time to bring new value to each and every session. Since ending my work with her, I have used our findings to enroll in a program to pursue one of the promising careers we identified together.

I would highly recommend Amy to anyone looking to make a big change or better understand themselves in the context of their life."


Madison Pathe (2022)

Former Film Editor

I started working with Amy because I had recently become involved in climate activism and felt that unresolved issues were preventing me from being as effective as I wanted to be in this new role. I was excited about working for radical change, but I felt I lacked the ability to focus and follow through on the things I wanted to do... I felt that I had something special to offer as an artist, but felt frustrated and overwhelmed in my attempts to contribute.


It was great working with Amy. She was thoughtful and valued my efforts to bring my creative and life experience to my activism. She had knowledge and insight about human development that went beyond what I expected. Amy was a sounding board for my aspirations and struggles. She helped me work through ethical puzzles and complex interpersonal relationships.


Because Amy has a background in the arts, she was able to support my creative work in depth. She supported me through projects from the initial idea, to working through the doubts and fears, to facilitating contributions of others. In the process of working with Amy, I learned that some of my aspirations didn’t really match my own values and were perhaps more about other people’s values. I came to embrace my own values, even if they differ somewhat from the dominant values in mainstream culture or in activist culture.


My work with Amy has brought me to a much more grounded space in my activist/creative work. I feel at home and able to contribute my best self and I enthusiastically recommend Amy as a coach for creative people and activists.

Laura Lamb (2023)

Artist & Climate Activist


Amy's coaching style was exactly what I needed. I've dealt with health issues that caused me to lose my job and remain unable to work full time. Losing my job left me lacking confidence and direction. I decided I needed some support as I worked on building a freelance business. Amy was incredibly encouraging - she was able to meet me where I was, help me find realistic goals, and make sure I stuck with them! She not only helped me figure out how to move forward on the more technical side (getting a website together, figuring out pricing, etc.), but also helped me work through things like negative beliefs that were keeping me from moving forward. I'm very grateful to have had Amy's support as I worked on building a growing business! I feel more confident after being coached by Amy, and I loved having someone else to shoot ideas off of and draw inspiration from.

Rebekah Velduizen (2020) 

Digital Marketing Specialist, Writer


Amy is more than a career coach. She feels like a lifelong and wise friend who is kind and generous with her time and energy. Her coaching is focused on YOU, your wants, your needs and your inner determination. Sometimes it's hard to figure it out when you are on your 2nd career and you need a cheerleader and not a naysayer. With that being said, Amy is also practical and extremely reliable as a career coach and guide. Her practices and exercises helped me craft a YES package to myself. Her technique has given me more comfort and confidence in knowing how to talk about my abilities and positive contributions for my interviews. It's such a struggle to find your path and I'm glad to say that Amy was part of mine.

Tina Dang (2019) 

Creative Producer/Production Coordinator_Chef     


Early last year I sought guidance in navigating a difficult cross-country move, as well as some other work and life issues that I wanted to address.  I found Amy online and cannot speak highly enough about her.  She is highly intelligent, empathetic and funny and I liked her instantly.  Her approach to coaching is also a great balance of spiritual (for lack of a better word) and pragmatic, which was a great fit for me.  I found it very helpful to think broadly about changes that I wanted to make in life as they relate to my own values, define actionable steps to get there, and to develop routines and rituals that will help make life more enjoyable along the way.  In short, Amy is a lovely person and a gifted coach, who I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Dani S. (2019)



"I ended up getting so much more than I expected."

I sought out a life coach for guidance in my career in the entertainment industry.  Amy came highly recommended for her experience and keep-it-real demeanor.  I ended up getting so much more than I expected.  It was great to work with someone who understood the nature of my business on such a personal level because her advice was always relevant and spot on.  She was also able to guide me through deeper self discovery beyond my career in order to help me understand what motivates me in life. She would take additional steps to follow up with anything that came up in session that would further advance my growth and success. This included anything from helping with my resume to providing me with meditation practices or linking me with like-minded organizations that could inspire further growth. You definitely have to put in the work, but that's what I appreciated the most. If you want to get something out of your experience, she will provide you with the tools and support to see some real growth.

Jaime Zuckerman (2018)

Film Production


I am blessed to find Amy in my life. I was stuck in a circumstance where I thought I had tried my best and worked so hard to reach my goals, but I wasn't going anywhere. I felt lost. I wasn't sure about the graduate schools I was applying to and the job search was overwhelming. I was in high stress. I had lost my motivation and even the meaning in doing anything.  On top of that, I had recently lost my dog.  Those coaching sessions with Amy were vital for me to move on with my life.  Amy, being a very peaceful, patient and high intellectual, helped me sort things out. We did many exercises together to help me understand myself better and to think about the jobs that can bring the best out of me and make choices that will lead me to be happy. Eventually, I was able to accept who I am and learn to value my happiness and health more than anything.  Right now, I am self employed and growing my own business and I feel passionate about life and things more than ever. She is a great listener, I felt very comfortable sharing with her topics without feeling that she will judge me, moreover, she always encouraged me to be okay with my flaws and accept them as they are. She helped me to learn the biggest lesson and that was that whenever I feel overwhelmed, I should take and complete one task at a time; and this always works. Amy takes her job very seriously. She follows up with me via email and she spends extra time outside of sessions to prepare for me to meet my specific needs. 


Nelli Khudeveryan (2018-2020)

Chemistry Tutor, Ph.D. Candidate


"She follows up quickly, takes great notes and truly cares about your success."

I had the privilege of working with Amy for the past 6 weeks. In that time, I not only managed to land a new career, but also learned a lot about myself.  Amy built a foundation for me to be successful by focusing on my core values, helping me embrace them, and then steering me in the right direction with my career.  She is smart, thoughtful and motivating.  She follows up quickly, takes great notes about our conversations and the work that we do, and truly cares about your success and overall well-being.  I would highly recommend Amy to anyone who needs assistance discovering their next course in life and career. When I found her, I was struggling to make a career change, and now I am well-equipped to move forward with my latest opportunity.  THANK YOU, AMY!


Dan Knapp (2018)

Head of Sales


Amy has been such a huge help to me in my personal journey. I have gained huge insights into so many patterns and behaviors. So many of these revelations have helped me immediately with personal and professional results. I enjoy working with her as she not only focuses on goals and solutions, but has also been there to help me find my own voice - and that creates a nice balance for peace and growth.


Beth Ortman (2018)

Visual Artist_UX & Content Strategist


Amy Kessler has given me the gift of getting back to "Self". To any and everyone who is searching to take that same journey, she is the real deal. I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without her guidance and support. It is because of her steadfast commitment to her clients and unwavering belief that You CAN that I have been able to fully step into my long shied away from truth of having cerebral palsy. I have a renewed perspective and confidence that I know would not exist otherwise. Amy has shown me that I can absolutely claim my power. I just need to do the work. Be consistent and intentional. There will be setbacks, yes, but you continue moving forward. Ive realized that impossible is in fact...possible. Me, being an artist by trade, Amy has a keen knack for bringing out the best in creative potential. Thank you will never fully express the extent of my gratitude.


Gabriella Greco (2018)

Actor_Singer_Public Relations & Social Media Strategist


I have been working with Amy for 8 weeks now and it truly has been life changing.  She has given me many great tools, clarity and guidance in my current life situations.  And of course you get what you put in for sure, but Amy has also shown me that I have a voice and genuine ability to move forward and really make the healthy changes I have needed in my life.  I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and really encourage those who are seeking to grow personally to contact Amy.


Renee P. (2017)

Interior Designer/Proud Mom


Amy is an absolutely incredible coach. Her naturally intuitive nature and huge heart created a safe space for me to explore my inner landscape and gain a greater understanding of how I have been holding myself back.  With Amy's help, I was able to successfully start my own business, unearth some of my painful past and make sense of it, and learn to have a much greater compassion for myself through the process.  She always knew when to push me, when to back off, and when to say something incredibly funny and witty to lighten the mood.  If you are looking for a great coach, she is a rare gem and I highly recommend her.


Jillian A. (2016)

Life Coach_Yoga & Reiki Energy Healer



From my experience working with Amy, I've felt an ease so powerful because difficult questions lose their bite when I feel like I won't be judged or analyzed and instead just be heard. Amy has taught me that my self-exploration work needn't be full-time dark and stormy. That it had so much room for creativity and play. That I held the key to my truth. I know Amy will help illuminate many to find their own.


Alice Wang (2016)

Software Engineer


Amy's caring and patient approach always puts me at ease. With her as my guide, I know I can take the time I need to allow, either in words or in silence, the quiet, necessary, revelations to appear within me. I have felt many such surprising truths come forth in response to her gentle questions, truths that have helped me to overcome long-term obstacles and live in greater peace and contentment.


Sharna Fabiano (2016)

Artist_Dance Educator_Life Coach

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