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Individual, Remote Sessions Available
$150/60Min & $195/90Min

Imagine what it would feel like to move forward in your life or your career path with clarity and enthusiasm? 

Often, for creative people like you, obstacles like self-sabotage, burnout or lack of focus can wreak havoc on your health and wellbeing. My goal is to help you prioritize your innate creativity and courage, so you can make empowered choices around your work and lifestyle. 

As a creative person, you already have a head start due to your ability to test out new ideas. However, it can be difficult to move past blocks like overthinking, emotional overwhelm, procrastination or perfectionism on your own, and see a clear path forward.


I can help you prioritize your wellbeing, explore your values, strengths, interests and dreams, research and strategize in your field and craft an authentic pitch, so you can communicate your intentions to others. By the end of our work together, you'll have more energy, agency and confidence in yourself, your career or creative practice.


By building this new foundation, you will also discover what’s truly important to you, create a compelling vision to keep you motivated and define realistic steps to take right away.  

Individual Sessions Available 

MindBody Therapy is based on the idea that you are in control of your own healing when you view your symptoms as avenues for transformation. 

Through the practice of embodied self-awareness; noticing your physical sensations, emotions, movements and behaviors, you begin to understand your deepest needs.  When you practice shifting towards a state of presence and curiosity in the body, self-judgement and obstacles begin to fall away, creating a space for something new to emerge. 


Neuroscience teaches us that we sense and feel before we think. So, for example, if we want to stop negative thought patterns that run on a continual loop in our minds, we would first tend to the underlying feeling states that give rise to these thoughts.  This bottom up approach helps us get to the root of our issues by listening to and understanding our body's signals.  In the process, we reconnect with our deepest selves and free up the energy and clear mindedness we need to move forward.

Somatic healing work can help you overcome your creative blocks and burnout, address limiting beliefs from a mind body perspective, as well as, help you build resilience to stress and illness.  These techniques are essential for anyone moving through a stressful transition like a change in career. 

This powerful, embodied practice can improve our relationship with ourselves, with our work, with others in our lives and is highly effective when used alongside coaching. 



The Creative COLLAB is a community of creative types who want to build a sense of belonging, support and find inspiration.  You belong here if you want to:


  • Connect with interesting people in the creative fields

  • Get support for creative projects and personal goals

  • Enhance flow states and update your creative process 

  • Move through blocks like perfectionism and procrastination

  • Learn embodied self-care to squash anxiety and burnout 


Most importantly, have the support and  accountability you need to make positive changes in your life

and work! 

Click here for more info, sign up and save your spot for our next group session.

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