Imagine what it would feel like to move forward on your career path with clarity and enthusiasm? 

Often, for creative people like you, obstacles like self-sabotage, burnout or lack of clarity can wreak havoc on your wellbeing. My goal is to help you prioritize your health, creativity and courage, so you can make empowered choices around your work and lifestyle. 

As a creative person, you already have a head start due to your ability to test out new ideas. However, it can be difficult to break through creative blocks like overthinking, emotional overwhelm, procrastination or perfectionism on your own.  


One solution I offer is to help you prioritize your wellbeing, so you can build resilience to stress, overcome blocks and have more energy, agency and confidence for your career or creative practice.


By building this new foundation, you will also discover what’s truly important to you, create a compelling vision to keep you motivated and define realistic steps to take right away. 


Does being a part of a creative community of supportive professionals sound beneficial to you? 


The benefit of group coaching is twofold:  The support of our peers helps to hold us accountable to the progress we want to make and it also allows us to see our own struggles from an larger, more objective perspective, which helps to galvanize and leverage our creativity and affect change in our lives. 

Join my monthly, donation-based Creative Circle Group Meetings by emailing me at



MindBody therapy is based on the idea that you are in control of your own healing when you view your symptoms as avenues for transformation. 


Through the practice of embodied self-awareness, noticing our physical sensations and emotions in the body, we begin to understand our deepest emotional, physiological and psychological needs.  When you practice shifting towards a state of presence and curiosity in the body, self-judgement and obstacles begin to fall away, creating a space for something new to emerge. 


This powerful practice can improve our relationship with ourselves, with our work and with others in our lives and is highly effective when used alongside coaching. 

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